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US-1505205-A: Pipe cutter patent, US-1506025-A: Burner patent, US-1506271-A: Line switch patent, US-1506867-A: Aeroplane patent, US-150710-A: Improvement in the manufacture of artificial stone patent, US-1507481-A: Nut lock patent, US-1507552-A: Ditor forming grader patent, US-1507982-A: Agricultural implement patent, US-1508319-A: Amusement device patent, US-1508539-A: Fuel saver and smoke consumer patent, US-1508890-A: Nasal inhaler patent, US-1508940-A: Wristband adapted for carrying articles patent, US-1509012-A: Mooring line patent, US-1509107-A: Nonburst radiator patent, US-1509271-A: Method of construction brushes patent, US-1509596-A: Corncrib, grain bin, and other sheet-metal structure patent, US-1509717-A: Reel carrier patent, US-1509764-A: Combination fender brace and bumper patent, US-1509971-A: Insulated terminal for electrical apparatus patent, US-1510560-A: Sleigh patent, US-1510612-A: Automatic parking indicator patent, US-1510991-A: Mixing valve patent, US-1511255-A: Micrometer patent, US-1511600-A: Rail connecter for toy railways patent, US-1511791-A: Advertising device patent, US-1512321-A: Filtering process and apparatus patent, US-1512645-A: Tire deflator patent, US-15127-A: Silver-plate cake and fruit basket patent, US-1513098-A: Toilet article patent, US-1513124-A: Friction shock-absorbing mechanism patent, US-1514025-A: Bending tool patent, US-1514304-A: Attachment for corn binders patent, US-1514804-A: Fluid-actuated brake for motor vehicles patent, US-1515531-A: Timer patent, US-151590-A: Improvement in cords patent, US-1515918-A: Automatic tile press patent, US-1516863-A: Switch-point lead patent, US-1517064-A: Revolution indicator for churns patent, US-1517208-A: Dental device patent, US-1517315-A: Telephone-exchange system patent, US-1517424-A: Computing machine patent, US-1517427-A: Traveling grate patent, US-1517663-A: Guard-rail clamp patent, US-1518786-A: Indicator patent, US-1519288-A: Oven patent, US-1519894-A: Tire carrier patent, US-152046-A: Improvement in combined syringes, shower-baths, and disinfecting apparatus patent, US-1520567-A: Nut lock patent, US-1520871-A: Die head patent, US-1522038-A: Baby-dressing cabinet patent, US-1522116-A: Conveying apparatus patent, US-1522552-A: Automobile rim patent, US-1523548-A: Mixer-batch control means patent, US-1524396-A: Train control patent, US-1524676-A: Fireproofing and insulating composition and process of making the same patent, US-1524712-A: Windmill patent, US-1525056-A: Metal packing patent, US-1525655-A: Synthetic refracto ry material patent, US-1526520-A: Method of purification of filtering agent patent, US-1526966-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1527643-A: System of electric ship propulsion patent, US-1527852-A: Reenforced-concrete railway tie patent, US-1528258-A: Coal-loading apparatus patent, US-1528412-A: Pumping apparatus patent, US-152895-A: Improvement in churns patent, US-1529294-A: Sawing device patent, US-1529312-A: Machine for forming concealed stitches patent, US-1529638-A: Electromagnetic switch patent, US-1530624-A: Method of and apparatus for pumping sand-laden oil wells patent, US-1531355-A: Machine for making bushel-basket mats patent, US-1532147-A: Combination tool patent, US-1532482-A: Figure toy patent, US-1532986-A: Harrow attachment for cultivators patent, US-1533047-A: Reciprocating gearing for grinding-wheel carriages patent, US-1533123-A: Tongue-cleaning device patent, US-1534154-A: Apparatus for making building blocks and the like patent, US-153514-A: Improvement in headstalls for bridles patent, US-1535235-A: Boiler-flue construction patent, US-1535540-A: Mop patent, US-1537257-A: Applicator patent, US-1537423-A: Bearing scraper patent, US-1537935-A: Automatic coupler for vehicles patent, US-153808-A: Improvement in fire-kindlings patent, US-1539138-A: Combined vehicle bumper and extractor patent, US-154054-A: Improvement in washing-machines patent, US-1540661-A: Advertising apparatus patent, US-1541462-A: Combination golf-tee block patent, US-1541472-A: Cooking appliance patent, US-1541737-A: Railway-gate-operating device patent, US-1541784-A: Railway dump car patent, US-1542578-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1542584-A: Liquid-dispensing device patent, US-1542638-A: Casting mold patent, US-1543547-A: Cotton-picking device patent, US-1543630-A: Heating apparatus patent, US-1543757-A: Relishing machine patent, US-154453-A: Improvement in cotton-presses patent, US-1545019-A: Switch for electric engine starters patent, US-154599-A: Improvement in spring-hinges patent, US-1547327-A: Electric ignition apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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